Story of the Atom.

Posted by Mr Mallon on January 12, 2013

Here is a little podcast you can download to find out about the story of the atom.

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Build an atom!

Posted by Mr Mallon on January 7, 2013
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S3 Collaborative Project on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health.

Posted by Mr Mallon on November 18, 2012

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Nasty Nine Test

Posted by Mr Mallon on October 11, 2012

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The Wave Equation

Posted by Mr Mallon on September 25, 2012

Hi Physics lovers!
Use the simulation above to find the frequency of the passing waves.
Press the UP Green arrow to start the wave motion. Pressing it again increases the wave speed while pressing the down arrow will reduce the speed.
If the waves run out just press the pause button and then the RESET button.

Make up a table with headings wavelength, frequency and speed and take some readings.

Check that wavelength multiplied by frequency is equal to the wave speed.

Use this table:
You can click on it and print it off.

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Paper Card Wave Machine

Posted by Mr Mallon on September 4, 2012

What happens to objects on transverse waves?
As the wave passes any object on the wave is moved up and down at right angles to the passage of the wave.

Check out how we can demonstrate this effect with a cut out wave and a piece of card.

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Salty Wave Machine

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 26, 2012

Salt Waves Movie 1

Salt Waves Movie 2

Hi physicists! Take a look at our salt waves we made today.

Watch Salt waves movie 1 and 2 and compare the speed which the poster paper was pulled along the bench.

The frequency of the swinging salt funnel stays the same in both movies.

What can you say about the wavelength of the salt waves as the speed of the poster is increased keeping the funnel frequency the same?

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Speed of Sound!

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 23, 2012

Study the equation on speed, distance and time. Use Bart`s hand to cover up what you are trying to find. Then press the forward arrow to try out some problems.

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Wave Buzz Words!

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 20, 2012

Click on the “Show me wavelengths” and “Show me amplitudes” to revise the buzzwords for waves.
Then click on the forward arrows to find out more about waves.

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Light and Sound Race!

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 19, 2012

Hi new physicists! Here is a video of our experiment which we carried out last day.

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