Posted by Mr Mallon on June 17, 2012

Hi Physics lovers!
Use the simulation above to find the frequency of the passing waves.
Press the UP Green arrow to start the wave motion. Pressing it again increases the wave speed while pressing the down arrow will reduce the speed.
If the waves run out just press the pause button and then the RESET button.

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Nasty Nine Health with answers!

Posted by Mr Mallon on May 28, 2012

Hi physics lovers here is your nasty nine health test you got today with answers.
Look over the questions and check the answers.

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Nasty Nine Health Test 001

Posted by Mr Mallon on March 14, 2012

Hi physics lovers here is your Nasty Nine Health Test.

Go through the slides and record your answer on the paper grid then click the link below the slides to record your answers


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S3 Physics Presentation on X-Rays

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 25, 2012

Here is my S3`s first Google Docs collaborative presentation on the topic of X-Rays.

21st Century pupils can now carry out research at home while sharing their findings with other fellow students.
This is a powerful way to study and learn.

Well done S3 physicists!

Power of Google Docs

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Gravitational Field Strength! (Int2 and SG fourth year)

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 18, 2012

Hi physics lovers!

The gravitational field strength tells us how much force a planet exerts on each kilogram of mass.

Read the cartoon and see if you can find a link between the mass of an object, its weight and gravitational field strength of the planet.


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Nasty Nine February Holiday Task

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 10, 2012

Hi Physics lovers. Here is your Nasty Nine Homework task for the February break.
Write the answers down and then submit them in the Google form where you will find the link in Edmodo.

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S4 Revision for Prelim.

Posted by Mr Mallon on December 11, 2011

Hi S4 physicists! Hope your study is going well.
Here is a Nasty 9 Quiz on Telecommunications.
Answers are on the last slide. Enjoy!

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Galileo`s Thermometer.

Posted by Mr Mallon on December 6, 2011

Find out how they work here

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Faster than light neutrino infographic.

Posted by Mr Mallon on December 4, 2011

It is the biggest story in the world of physics. Here is a good infographic to read and impress your science/physics teacher with.

See how scientists caught subatomic particles traveling faster than light in this LiveScience.com infographic.

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Calculating wavelengths.

Posted by Mr Mallon on November 23, 2011

Hi S3 and S4 physicists. Here is a movie on how to work out wavelengths.

Now try the practice worksheet. Click here to download.

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