Food Web Fun.

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 22, 2009

Hi science lovers! Here is a wee song to help you think about food chains.
Hope you enjoy it!

Write down in your notebook the answers to these questions.

  1. What is the percentage of energy that is passed up the food chain?
  2. What is at the bottom of a food chain?
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Electric fields & Work Done

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 22, 2009

Hi Physics lovers here is a movie showing how to calculate the work done in moving an electric charge in an electric field.
Hope this helps.

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Photosynthesis Pics

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 9, 2009

Stomata on the underside of a leaf.Oxygen bubbles from a gren pond plant

Hi First Year! Here are the pictures to download for your science notebook.
The bubbles of oxygen look marvellous. We know the bubbles are oxygen because when we collected them into a testube and put a glowing splint into the test tube the splint relit. This was told us that the gas bubbles were oxygen indeed.

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