What is a Higgs Boson?

Posted by Mr Mallon on July 9, 2011

Here is a movie from Fermilab describing what is a Higgs Boson.

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Farewell to the Space Shuttle.

Posted by Mr Mallon on July 8, 2011

The last launch of the space shuttle. Friday 8th July 2011

Today sees saw the launch of the last space shuttle. For thirty years this space craft has brought us joy and sadness. I can remember the first launch way back in 1981. I was thrilled as a physics undergraduate to see this new era of space exploration happening, especially when the astronauts carried out physics experiments in space and showed us the Earth in all its glory using modern tv and video.

There was the fantastic rescue of the Hubble Space Telescope but also the dire sadness of the two disasters.

The Challenger disaster of January 1986 was particularly sad because of the loss of the first school teacher on board Christine McAuliffe.

In 2003 a faulty tile caused the disaster of Columbia as it returned to Earth. In all fourteen astronauts lost their lives in the shuttle program.

Here is a link to a wonderful documentary on the space shuttle`s history.

Farewell Space shuttle and God`s speed on your final return.

Info Graphic on the Shuttle

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Physics Tricks for the summer holidays!

Posted by Mr Mallon on July 1, 2011

Tommy Cooper

Hi physics lovers! Here are some physics tricks you can try out during the summer holidays.
These tricks use physics and are part of a physics roadshow. You can try them out in the house and have some fun.
Take also a look at the best ever comedian that ever lived, the one and only Tommy Cooper.

Physics Tricks
Tommy Cooper

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Close shave from 2011 MD

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 25, 2011

Close shave 2011

On Monday 27th June asteroid 2011 MD will pass by our planet. It will be a close shave.
Find out more by clicking the links below:

  1. Watch simulation of approach
  2. Near Earth Objects
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Games and Physics.

Posted by Mr Mallon on April 16, 2011

The next time you play a computer game think about the physics that is programmed into the software. Have a look at this movie explaining how physics is incorporated into the software.

THE PHYSICS OF VIDEO GAMES from Dave Thomas on Vimeo.

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Radiation and Risk

Posted by Mr Mallon on March 27, 2011

Here is a news story about radiation from the BBC News website.
The story mentions terms like Becquerel and Sievert. These are the sort of news stories that you can now read after studying radiation

Find the article here.

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CERN Virtual Tour

Posted by Mr Mallon on March 22, 2011

Here is a virtual 3D tour of the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN.

CERN CMS 4 in Europe

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Radiation Doses

Posted by Mr Mallon on March 21, 2011

Here is an interesting poster showing the dose equivalent for various situations.
Dose equivalent is measured in sieverts.

Sievert Poster

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Northern Lights

Posted by Mr Mallon on February 6, 2011

Marvelous video showing the Northern Lights courtesy of BBC

3D Sun

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Stargazing on BBC TV

Posted by Mr Mallon on January 1, 2011

Prof Brian Cox & Dara O`Briain

Professor Brian Cox, he of the Wonders of the Universe Fame teams up with Dara O`Briain for three nights of stargazing on BBC Two starting on Monday 3rd of January at 8pm.

Stargazing is a fantastic hobby to get involved in during the coming year. The constellations that make up the night sky can be easily learned and become signposts to other great stars in the night sky.

Stargazing Live

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