Motion Graph Quiz

Posted by Mr Mallon on October 23, 2017

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Higher Physics 2016 Multiple Choice Questions 11 to 15

Posted by Mr Mallon on April 7, 2017

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The Wheatstone Bridge.

Posted by Mr Mallon on December 17, 2013

Roll the mouse over the instructions and the think physics button for more information.

The Wheatstone Bridge is used to find the value of an unknown resistor.

When there is no p.d. across the bridge the we say the Wheatstone Bridge is balanced.

If the value of resistance in the decade box is changed then it follows there is a direct proportional change in the current that will flow across the bridge.


Provided the resistance is not changed too much away from the balance point then it can be written


Further info about the Wheatstone Bridge
BBC Bitesize Higher Physics: Wheatstone Bridge.

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Newton`s Cannon

Posted by Mr Mallon on November 9, 2013

Isaac Newton thought this experiment up about firing a cannon ball from a cannon.

Check out this movie. Roll your mouse over Isaac`s picture to get more info.

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Story of the Atom.

Posted by Mr Mallon on January 12, 2013

Here is a little podcast you can download to find out about the story of the atom.

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Helpmyphysics Podcast 12

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 17, 2009


Summer holidays are coming and lets hope the sun shines every day. In this podcast Mr. Mallon takes a look at the structure of our nearest star called the Sun.
Granny physics reviews another science book from her new shed. Danny Boyle`s science fiction dvd Sunshine is discussed and Mr Mallon remembers the 40th anniversary of the moonlandings of 1969.

Links in the podcast

  1. Sun science
  2. The Radioactive Boy Scout
  3. Apollo 10
  4. Sunshine
  5. Sunshine Guaranteed by Marina V
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Helpmyphysics Podcast 11

Posted by Mr Mallon on June 27, 2008

In this Podcast Mr Mallon takes alook at heat and temperature; is there a difference?
Did you know that the world nearly missed the first moonlanding in 1969? Mr Mallon revues the movie that tells the story of the near miss in the movie called The Dish.
Granny Physics tells us what science book she will be reading this summer and Daniel McDade and Kallum Shields of St Andrew`s High School Coatbridge share some science facts with us.
Finally there is an update on Phoenix, the Mars digger!

Links in the podcast:

  • Get your molecules moving by JP Taylor
  • The Dish
  • Parkes Observatory
  • Usbourne Science Encyclopedia
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    Helpmyphysics Podcast 10

    Posted by Mr Mallon on May 7, 2008

    In this show Mr Mallon tells the story of the atom from Democritus right the way up to Neils Bohr. Great revision for your Higher Physics.
    Granny Physics hands over to Cassie McDonald and Chloe Selkirk where they review a cracking good science book.
    And finally Mr Mallon poses the question of UFOs and visiting aliens.

    Links in the show:
    George`s secret key to the universe.
    Music from the show:
    Theme tune from Fireball XL5 by Don Spencer.
    UFO tv series
    The movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

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    Helpmyphysics podcast 09

    Posted by Mr Mallon on October 19, 2007

    Phoenix Lander

    In this show Mr Mallon takes a look at how vital it is to reduce speed on the roads, it is pure physics and saves lives.
    Mars is being invaded as we speak… by us! In the spacezone we look at the mission to mars which is looking for water.

    A surprise guest makes a comeback! Yes she is back: the one and only Granny Physics.

    Music in the show:

    Links to items in the show:

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    Helpmyphysics Podcast 08

    Posted by Mr Mallon on July 31, 2007

     Postman Pat

    In this show Mr Mallon gives advice on what to do with the grades you have achieved in your physics exams.
    In the SpaceZone look out for the King of the Planets and a shower from space this August.
    Mr Mallon talks about the physics books he has read this summer.

    Links in the show:

    Music in the show: Physics for Two by Drew Vicks

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